Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Me My Four and No More"....My Blessings come from God!

        I grew up around people in the church who wanted to celebrate those around them. I always wanted to surround my children around people like that. I recognize that people wear masks all the time and therefore, if given space you can see people for what they really are. Sometimes you can sense when people are not truly happy for you. When certain decrees come forth and suddenly they have a sullen attitude and they are always trying to create discord be aware of their hearts. I tend to withdraw from people like that and simply pray for them.

       There are certain examples that I want for my children, certain types of women I want to be a role model for my daughter. Not ones that plant seeds of doubt, I want to teach her to want to see everyone around her blessed. I want her to realize the Blessings are not for me my four and no more. That is rare to find people like that to surround your children with. However, I don't take my job as a parent lightly and I don't just want to hear you talk a good talk, I truly want to see you walk that walk.

      Remember that every gift is not given with a good heart and everyone does not truly want to see you blessed. When people start to get the notion that you can only be blessed by their presence in your life be weary. When they believe that only their prayers can be heard by God be weary. Some how they forget that God was hearing your prayers long before you met them and he will hear your prayers long after they leave your life. I truly want people to recognize that my blessings can only come from My Father for it is only God that Blessings truly flow.  We are but mere vessels but test the heart of a man.

     Always recognize that when people feel a need to tolerate you they are not necessarily the vessel for which you should receive your Blessings. Make sure that those who celebrate your life are who you surround yourself with and then and only then will the Blessings truly flow.

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