Sunday, March 1, 2015

Girl's Day Out

       Sometimes we need to devote our time to the one's we love. I really feel that I am in that season. I spent Saturday with my daughter and I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, I so enjoyed the time away from the world. I had been feeling a need to just spend time with my husband and also my daughter. I felt a little guilty for not including the boys but rarely do I not take them along.  I really had a wonderful girls Saturday, we went to see Annie together. Thank God for Cinemark because I don't always get a chance to see films as soon as they come out. However, I promised her I would take her to see Annie for her birthday and they were the closest listing that still had it available. It was something magical about the compassion of this film. It was amazing how something just came alive on the inside of me and just watching my daughter smile was amazing.

      I remember being a little girl and just enjoying that movie so when my Mom took me to see it. I loved being able to spend some girl time with my daughter. Somehow when there is a house full of boys you can tend to forget the need for girl time. Therefore, I thank God for opening up my eyes so that I could see this was a new season for us, a time to let go of some responsibilities and spend time with those we love. We need to take time for those who grow up so quickly. These moments are only for a day from time to time but they are worth cherishing.

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