Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Give God the Absolute Glory!

                 I am telling you this has been a time. I grew up vowing I would not move around because as a child we moved a lot. It seemed like every school year there was almost a new school. So I really did not want that for my children. I wanted them to be stable and happy. So when we recently had to make some changes because "our mortgage holder" was getting a divorce I was crushed. It was time to make some transitions and it felt like we were getting the divorce. It was a reluctant move but one that taught me the importance of seeking a traditional mortgage loan and making a final decision.

                I was having mixed emotions and I did not know what to think. I knew God was blessing our lives and the more he Blessed the more the enemy went to work at destroying our home life. However, although it was a journey we made it by the grace of God. I was mad at my husband because he seemed to be giving everything away. I wanted to keep certain things I had acquired because it was mines but I finally let go.

               Then, as we were moving we lost some important items and I really did not know how much they meant to me until I thought they were gone forever, it was my wedding dress and pictures of our children.Oh the morning I realized they were gone. I cried like a baby, I don't think I had ever cried so much. It was the last week in January and my heart was just broken.

               However, this morning I got a phone call from my husband and the the note we left behind had been answered by this stranger. He had returned my wedding dress and my photos. He really did not know how much it meant to me. God knows I don't care about things unless I really need them. I don't buy expensive things and I will do without until it hurts as long as my children are okay. But I will tell you this, it hurt my heart to the core to lose their photos because we had lost all of their videos when we moved to Charlotte, NC because the apartment complex was a mold filled death trap. We had to throw everything away and what was savored were a few boxes that we had placed in storage. So when I thought I had lost my final memories of their youth and the wedding dress my Godmother had preserved for my daughter I was distraught and heart broken. I truly cried out to God and said "God I can not deal with another disappointment, I really need to get my stuff back." As only God would he touched the heart of this man and as only he could God used a vessel to return my stuff to me. So grateful that God hears our prayers. He is such an amazing God! To GOD BE the Absolute Glory!

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