Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To My Young Beautiful Sisters! Our sacrifice is not in vain.......

To My young Beautiful Sisters! Please don't get discouraged. If you are sacrificing for your children it is worth the sacrifice with every generation we should be doing better. I can remember when I was a teen and I wanted to be in the kitchen and work the jobs my Mom worked she said "Baby, I do these things so you won't have to." ‪#‎twotothreejobs‬
I understood that day that I had to finish college and make her proud. She said "You get your education because that is something they can never take from you." So when I was in college with one on my hip and one in my belly, I knew I had to finish." My water broke..... I gave birth and I was back in that college seat taking my final because I knew the sacrifices my mother and the generations before me had made." I say this as a reminder to my young sisters sacrificing that it is not in vain!‪#‎getthemthebestpossibleeducation‬ ‪#‎teachthemtoowntheirown‬‪#‎wesacrificed‬
As I talk to Justice I remind him. I took a whole lot of time off to see to it that you could get a good education and get to college.Your Dad worked some places he did not want to. I took a lot of hits to my own career, it's because I expect this generation to break the back of poverty so that our children's children can be blessed. ‪#‎keeppressingyoungqueen‬‪#‎sometimeswehavetoslaveforthem‬ ‪#‎butitsnotforever‬ ‪#‎justgrateful‬‪#‎ihadamotherwhosacrificedforme‬
I know those new cars look good but it's nothing like knowing your children are on top of their game!!!!! ‪#‎helpthembethebesttheycanbe‬

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