Saturday, March 14, 2015

If Jesus carried on like some of us...Dear Pharisees ......"we surely would not be saved!"

I had to reflect on the goodness of God this week and just chuckle because if Jesus carried on the way some of us do nobody would get saved. Why go to church if you are catching the same hell you catch in the world?  It was such a relief in church to just enjoy a time with friends and family. It took me back to when I was a child and as I mentioned before church was some of the best times of my life because we had such an awesome youth group and pastor. We would meet at church every Wednesday and just have fun and get to know one another. We would do ceramics every Wednesday or we would go and play pool or we would be off on a retreat ice skating or at a cabin somewhere. It was not about money for sure it was just very therapeutic and a true healing.

I have never forgotten how wonderful our church was. It was what made me remember the importance of the gathering of the saints. It is what makes me want my children to know that there are truly Godly people who love people. I really hope people get it that the church is truly a hospital where people come to get better not a place that should excuse it's behavior and act like the world. We simply know better so we should do better. There is a whole group of young people just waiting to be ministered to as soon as some of us recognize the opportunities being missed and realize it really isn't about you. It really is about the generation that is coming to take your place, we need to make them stronger and better than we ever were!

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