Sunday, March 8, 2015

Luke 19-24 ..."the enemy wishes to sift you like wheat"

As I was going through some things this month, I wanted to walk away from everything and everybody. I was wondering Lord why is it that the enemy can be so welcoming and yet we as Christians can stand by and watch disaster unfold? So I was allowed to enter the Lions Den. I realized when I had entered I was in the wrong place. I recognized Satan's devices, we can become comfortable and be desensitized to what we are doing because they have what we want.

I am a person of research, however, I failed to do my research. As more and more unfolded I realized this is not of God. However, my Momma taught us that you should finish whatever you start. I listened, I learned and I am always grateful for every opportunity to learn. However, I could just hear the voice of the Lord "He wants to sift you like wheat and you belong to me."

I have to apologize for co-signing on something I did not research properly. However, this is the second time I received the message that the enemy wants to sift me like wheat and therefore, I hear you God loud and clear. I know my Blessings can only come from you God!

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