Thursday, March 26, 2015

God said "It's not what you did...It is what you have"

You know I keep my circle very small. I seldom allow people in my space because I don't have enough time for drama, but God has a way of forcing change sometimes. I am working on raising champions and leaving a legacy behind. However, every now and again I have been forced to change. I always resist because I like peace and prefer to only change for actual growth. I was very careful not to offend a recent person we encountered on this journey. However, this person was the type who holds on to things and so I made it my business to stay out of their way because I have seen it so many times before. The type of person who feels they always know "what someone else's motives are and must find a problem" and they think they have an A personality and that everyone else is beneath them but they smile and try to hide their own flaws. They walk around with a mask and deep down inside they're in more turmoil than you can imagine but because they have titles that they believe make them more christian and therefore more loved. It felt like high school drama all over again, thank God I didn't engage not even then.

I had to smile because I remember being like that to some degree, truly believing I am God's favorite and not realizing that we are all flawed and loved by Christ for different reasons. I remember looking down on others and saying why don't they just go to college and get a career? And then I lived long enough to understand why God loves the Jacobs, the Joseph's and those who struggle because those are the people he came to help.

I always smile at my husband because although we are both flawed he never just overlooks anyone in need. He truly does have an unconditional love towards people. He is always trying to help others, he is a carpenter like Jesus was and he believes everyone deserves a chance to be saved. SO getting back to my point, I asked God to take this cup from me and remove certain people from my life because I said this person will be a distraction. Seeking drama and attention that I don't have time to give. I was selfish in some ways. God finally said to me "it's not what you did, it is what you have that truly hurts her." Some people are hurting because they were not blessed with what you see as the little things they long for.

You see just like God reveals things to Pastors and ministers he reveals things to the "little people too". Sometimes God is not always sending them into your life to bless you as they think, Sometimes he is sending you into their lives to be a Blessing to them too. As time progressed I was listening to TD Jakes and God further confirmed that darts are being thrown and sometimes you just have to duck and stay on your mission. Sometimes you have to navigate the haters and be on your way and simply love them where they are.

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