Friday, March 13, 2015

Momma was always right....but I know the battle is the Lords!

I found my mothers final words rather surreal. She said "I raised you and I know your character. I know that there will be people who you really love who are going to make accusations against you. They will accuse you of the very things they have done to you. I am sometimes sorry I raised you to be so kind. I know you will not fight back like your sister. You are going to take it and be hurt." I laughed at the time and said "Momma, I don't have to fight anyone because God fights my battles." She was absolutely right and the accusations that hurt the most are from those I love the most." I find it so ironic though that manifestations are just as Mom said it would be, the very wrong that was done to me is that which I have been accused of.

I have learned to just keep my eyes on the fact that God promised me my latter will be better than my beginning and that he will prune away those who don't belong in my life. I have been pretty good about not holding on to people and although it sometimes saddens my heart to let go. I recognize everyone is not meant to stay on the journey and that they are only there for a season so from time to time I must let go. I am grateful to God for his goodness in my life.Therefore, I will continue to allow God to fight my battles because it belongs to God. I simply say as always out with the old and in with the new. I always pray like Jesus did "Lord take this cup from me unless it be thy will."

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