Thursday, October 1, 2015

Giving God the Absolute Glory!

                      Last night was an absolute answer to my prayers. I went to Wednesday Service and I must say the Minister of Music Minister Bethea truly taught the word of God and most importantly the love of God. I could not have felt more relieved, when he began to deal with the root of the problem and how the spirit of rejection is a spirit and how we should be sensitive to those who are hurting so that they can get healed. As the people began to share their stories and their pain I was wowed! I was right there with them, just as broken and flawed. This is what church is about, loving people enough to help them heal. I really felt like you get it. It is about a war with Satan and his principalities. It is not about us fighting with one another in the flesh.

                   When we get to the place where the enemy knows he is revealed that is when we can get free and truly get the work God has predestined us to do. I walked out feeling truly inspired. I must say that although in the flesh I have been fighting with Augusta State University about releasing the last of my student loans to the loan servicing agency I have been paying for the last year. Even that thorn in my side could not take my joy. I don't normally let things linger this long but I have never truly gotten over the aggravation that place caused my life. It was the worst wrong turn I think I ever took. If I could turn back the hand of time I would have remained at Seton Hall University where they wanted us to succeed as opposed to such a University that has done everything to ensure bondage. I will be breaking free from this debt. This place has given it's students a million hoops to jump through. The only University I know that does not follow the rules and allow you 6 months to repay your loan after graduating and denies forbearances. Please keep me in prayer!

                 However, back to my testimony. I am just super excited about the teaching we received on Wednesday night and the deliverance and prayer that took place in the house of God. I could not have been more overjoyed to know that the work of God is taking place. Church is not just about looking good, it is truly about being good and helping hurt people get healed!

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