Thursday, October 8, 2015

WAR ROOM An Excellent film and gentle reminder!

I must say this film absolutely brought me to tears. I was truly asking God what do we do? I was definitely at this place in my life. I needed a gentle reminder that my husband and I are not each others enemy and that we are at war not with flesh and blood. This film helped me put so many things in perspective. I am at that point in life where the children are almost grown and I have to deal with all that was shoved under the rug like my student loans and my career and academic goals.

Therefore, everything was irritating me and my husband as much as we love each other was really getting under my skin. Sometimes you have to reevaluate and decide if you are going to be bitter or better and I choose better. I am not saying things are perfect but God knows it has been much better since seeing this film. It reminded me of how I felt when I saw Fireproof but with so much more teaching about prayer and as much as I found myself in prayer over the years, I found myself truly feeling like a warrior these past few weeks.

So I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the movie War Room. It is a film I can take my entire family to see and feel good about it. There are not many films today that you can watch and know your family is going to be that much better after seeing it but this is truly the film of the year! Thank God for our church for sharing this film on a night only my husband attended because we were in need of this film.

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