Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thank you to my haters!.... It's really not about me or you!

It's so funny I had to really say thank God for people who get under my skin. I have found that my writing is fueled by my emotions. After a successful start in a new venture, I heard there were moans and groans. I had to laugh because when you have paid for everything and tried to help people get a start and they come at you with complaints you can truly blow a fuse and say words you really don't mean. I had an idea and my husband helped see it to fruition. I love children so I would do anything to give them my all.

Without saying too much "the indecisive and self centered had to criticize "well why didn't you do this and why didn't you do that?" I told my husband this is why I don't bother, I would much rather make a donation and keep it moving than waste my energy on people who have chosen to be where they are and murmur and complain. I know it's important to do it for the greater good but God also said "don't cast your pearls before swine." So for me that means don't waste your time on ungrateful, complaining folks.

However, my husband being the good man that he is said they don't matter. What matters is you fed people that were hungry and he described someone who was really down on their luck and how by saying "please let everyone eat and allow them to donate to the children if they can"  you fed someone that day. He said "God used you to bring forth his idea that would bless someone." I was really upset at this point and said "wow, we can really let our haters get us off course sometime. There was definitely a lesson in what was going on last night.

I was upset because I was like "you have been thinking about it, but did nothing but come in to church with excuses about why you did not contribute," but then you come at us for making it happen. It may not have been perfect but it was a start. A start that isn't about you or me. A start that is about the future generations having good activities, scholarships and memories of church. A chance for the youth to know God is a giving God and he's not there just to collect your tithes and offering but that He is a Giving God who wants relationships. For me it's not about money or catering to your egos. It truly is about the children and the future generations because we have had our time to do what we were to do. It's time we learn to bless our children's children and prepare for their enormous future.

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