Monday, October 26, 2015

Gratitude! No one owes me anything.....

After last week I must say it only taught me I want to teach my children the importance of gratitude. Sometimes we have to reflect, I said what did I miss with my own children to ensure they are not ungrateful? One day they will be completely raised and turned over to someone else. I thought "God.....Mom emphasized gratitude. I thought you know people would always say "everything comes so easy to you." Then, my Vice Principal played back in my head "Do you know why I always call you to these events to dine with the Governor etc?" I said "No." She responded "because you were always willing to help and you wanted to make this place better." They didn't have to make sure I had a wonderful high school experience but they did. They cleared the mine traps and made sure I could soar. I say this to share the importance of gratitude. I was always taught that nobody owes me anything. If someone is kind enough to help you or give you something no matter how raggedy or small you think it is you appreciate it. The reward is that one day when they are able to bless you with something better they just may depending on how you receive your smaller blessings. That always stuck with me.

So like yesterday I was totally wowed! I have been praying for the right relationships and God has just opened some doors that only he can open. I felt a heaviness the night before and it was like me and my husband just could not get along. I told my husband look we are in the middle of this transaction and you know the enemy gets his busiest when something good is unfolding. So we took a moment to reevaluate why we were at odds. We squashed it immediately and moved forward and surely the goodness of God was manifested. I don't know why God does what he does because in this flesh we may not even deserve it but I know it is nothing that we have done that makes him love and bless us as he does. It is all because of who He is and the plans he has for our lives. We are just absolutely grateful for our new found relationships. I pray to continue to have great news to keep you updated on what God has in store for the next generation of Artists & Writers!


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