Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm yet still holding on....holding on to my faith...I will be debt free...and start anew

"I'm yet still holding on" ... I really feel like that quote today. I have been wrestling with the student loan servicer who has apparently misled me. I have completed the process to get my loans out of default and they even congratulated me. Yet, I am now learning that when they advised me that I was paying on all my loans it was untrue. After losing thousands of dollars that were never applied to my loans through garnishments, I took the punches because I was too depressed about my mom dying to fight. I figured all things would work together for my good. I can remember struggling for a month to get to work right after Mom died only to be advised over $2,800.00 had been garnished, yes my entire paycheck because I was a federal contractor and they did not have to follow the 25% rule the rest of the world was afforded. I was a federal contractor and therefore they could take 100% of my check.

So now I have kept my end of the bargain and paid monthly to learn that the Perkins loan can not become a part of my payment agreement with my stafford loans unless I sign away my rights via a consolidation program which states I can never have loan forgiveness and or other opportunities if I choose to teach etc. The agency attempted to gain my user name and password and then proceeded to tell me aww you don't need to read that it's the same disclosures you read when you did the rehabilitation. Thank God for my Mother who instilled in us that we should read everything. Some of these loan agencies are so ruthless and devoid of truth. I am appalled that they get away with so much.

I don't know my next step outside of hiring an attorney but I will not sign my rights away to pursue the same opportunities afforded to everyone else in this nation because I chose to feed my children in lieu of paying my student loans at one point. The agencies refused to come to a reasonable agreement until 2013. Therefore, I will find a solution that will allow me to pay back this $4,500.00 and $1,950.00 dollar loan deal I made with "the Devil" obviously. I have learned my lesson about student loans and I only hope others will learn from my mistakes. I am not saying ....don't take them out if you have to but know that they can be used to keep you out of school if you don't have the resources to pay them off upon graduation. It appears the subsidized stafford loan and unsubsidized stafford loans are willing to work with you but the perkins loan is a "university loan" so they don't follow the same rules. The Perkins loan has been the beast that holds my transcript. So what do you do when you have done everything they have asked. You stand, you pray and you do whatever it takes within reason and you expect results.

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