Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Grateful and Thankful To God to be among the Land of the Living!

I woke up reflecting on so much to be grateful for! I am so grateful for my husband, my 5 beautiful healthy children. My extended family and my friends. I am even grateful for strangers along the way.

I am grateful I had a church to go to last night. I am grateful for his message on wearing the garment of Praise. I woke up feeling relieved because although Thanksgiving is usually really hard for me. This morning I reflected on the fact that Mom died pleased with me. She said "Thank you for leading a clean life, she said it shows in your children, your family and even in your child birth." She said "you took in what I tried to give."At the time I was like huh? But I now realize she was sharing so much with me to let me know she was happy with me.

She further said "Thank you that when you gave me money or anything you never sought it in return." I said "how could I when you did so much for us." She said" Well, I was not perfect." I said "you know Mom there are children who never make it home." "There are children whose Mom left them and never thought a second thought." "But you did more than enough, for all of us." "You were there." "If you did not do anything but feed us, you did enough."

That is how I feel about the Almighty God this morning. If he does nothing else for you hasn't he done enough? He woke us up and even if we just breathe his wonderful air he has done enough. If you can go for a walk with your family, he has done enough. If we have food to eat today or even if we don't your breathing, so he has done enough. If you trust him he will provide because his name is Provider.

What I have learned throughout the years is no matter where I am, I am simply Thankful to God because I may not be where I want to be but I still have the chance to get there. It will only get better and better if you continue to believe! If he did it for least of them will he not do it for you?

Enjoy this holiday season and every day knowing how blessed you truly are to be among the land of the living!


© 2010 Denise Loundes-Russell

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