Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great King Your Greatness Comes from Within!

Arise my King, no more slumber, nor more sleeping, no more rest!
It is time to put your skills to the test.
Joseph struggled in life too you see!
Before he had the strength to become who God created him to be.
The system was created to slow you down indeed.
But God had already planted the seed.
The seed of greatness lies within.
To see you not prosper is such a great sin.
Yes, there are those in position pulling strings know.
It hurts for they did not want your seed to grow.
But you...... it is you..... who must know and then the manifestation will begin.
The greatness you already bask in!
You my King will definitely Overcome and Win!
Great King Your Greatness Comes From Within!

© 2010 Denise Loundes-Russell

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