Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Explosive Service that has truly effected My Life!

In the last few years I have promised myself that I want to be Good not look Good. So I have gone through the motions of religion waiting for the right moment and Saturday night I finally heard what I needed to hear. I had a friend that invited me to her church because she knew I was living to the rules to the best of my ability but she knew I longed to feel God's love once again.

I went to her church and from the door to my seat, I was greeted with smiling faces and such warmth. It was very admirable to say the least. However, what blew me away was his message. He said "we are one step from losing a generation for Christ and we are one step from winning a generation that is on fire for Christ." That is what is wrong. He said we have people telling us the rules but are they showing you the love of Christ?

I was in awe because that is where my heart was. I have been asking for sometime what happens after they go to the pulpit? I wanted to know are we showing people Christ or are we just getting them acquainted with Christ and leaving them to figure out the rest.

This Pastor was so grateful for the people who showed him Christ. I could identify because my mother showed me Christ. Even though I never understood where she found the energy to take trains to feed others when she was a single mom raising children and working 2- 3 jobs. I knew she had to have a love for people that was indescribable. I knew that she had us at the nursing home almost every weekend sitting with the elderly and helping them. I knew she had us in church every time the doors opened. I knew that she had Jesus on the inside of her to love like she did.

I wanted so badly to be able to do what she did for others. Some how my light dimmed and life took control. I had lost some thing, I knew that I was no longer on fire for God like I wanted to be and this service ignited something in me I had not felt in a really long time. So when I returned to service Sunday night it was equally connected to the message being preached at my church that I had not been speaking the power of his word like I should. I had not been throwing the rock like David. I was no longer on fire so how could I be effective?

© 2010 Denise Loundes-Russell

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