Friday, November 19, 2010

Awards, Awards, Awards! Gods Goodness is Simply Amazing!

I must say this has been an amazing week of award ceremonies and honors. Victor was awarded Terrific Kid and had Coach Q who was mentored by Bill Cosby come to his school to present his awards. Taylor missed A honor roll by points in Social Studies but she made the honor roll and Mikey made the honor roll. My home schooled child missed honor roll by one class Spanish. He thinks I am too hard and I make him write too much but it is a skill he has a gift for and must master. He also has to realize just because I am Mom does not make me easy. I even got great news........ I can not quite share yet but know that prayer was a Daniel prayer held up but finally manifested.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my seniors amazing opportunities that have come his way. I must say I am so grateful to his mentors, coaches and his Dad for being there for him every step of the way. Last night, I attended his awards ceremony and he received his football award and such kind compliments. One coach said "wow you and your husband have done a great job, I have never met such a nice young man." He said "I thought it was an act but he never changed." He said "there are days when I come to school.... and it is nice to be greeted by a student who is always so polite." He said "I know he will be successful just based on who he has shown himself to be." That meant so much to us, it made us realize that no matter how difficult it can get the reward is so much greater.

For the past few months his mentors have sent him gifts, passes to games and have offered to take him to games even this weekend. My sister and nephew even sent them to Carowinds. It has been a true testimony of How Great God is and how much he touches the hearts of man for our children.

I am so grateful to God for even sending me such wonderful people this week who have just continued to remind me of how great God created me to be. Even a possible disaster turned into me being blessed with a new jacuzzi.

When I heard the kind and awesome compliments for each of my children, I could not help but rejoice for the breakthrough. I always knew Victor was great and his teacher simply confirmed his greatness today when she selected him as a terrific Kid for the month of November and said what a joy he has been. I am glad that God has matched him and connected him with someone who appears to be warm, kind and loving just like him.

So thank you all for keeping them in prayer and know that your prayers are being answered in such a great and mighty way! May God send tremendous blessings for each of you and your families!

© 2010 Denise Loundes-Russell

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