Saturday, January 24, 2015

I want to Bless them Lord! Response: Wait!

The Lord brought it my rememberance that I was hasty not too long ago. I advised someone I wanted them to handle some printing for our business because I like to keep it in the family. I advised them I would let them know. However, after that I just couldn't seem to get to them. I would see them and feel so bad because I felt like I told them God. But God kept saying wait and I will show you things. I began to see a spirit that was not right. I share this not to get you spooked but to say that sometimes our heart has to be right.

I also realized that means I have had some things held up because my heart was not right. So my prayer daily is God create in me a pure heart and a renewed mind.  Sometimes we miss our blessing not because God does not have a desire to Bless us but because we walk around in pride or with a haughty spirit. We walk around thinking man owes us something. We truly have to ask God to forgive us and ask God to create in us a pure heart and a renewed mind. We have to remember what team we are on and know that if our behavior is not pleasing to God we will not receive. We have to keep it clean and then things will begin to flow more freely.

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