Monday, January 26, 2015

Thank you for my time!

Sometimes we can get so caught up believing we want certain things. Yet, I find nothing more valuable than time. I so appreciate the time I have had to be with my husband and raise my family. I have learned that there is nothing more valuable than our time together. I went to see my great niece yesterday and she is so precious and as I held her I just saw how time had passed us all by. It did not seem like it was so long ago that I held my 21 year old like that.

I truly appreciate my husband being the man of God that he is. I truly appreciate the last 7 years that he blessed me and opened up my time. I can acquire house after house and car after car. However, there is nothing like the times he has just held me night after night. There is nothing like the time I have had to pour into my family and the time I have spent building lasting memories. I can't go back to those moments but oh how I cherish the times we have shared.

So when I get a text or a call from my college student, I can not help but smile. However, there is nothing like this past Christmas where they were all at home again and I could enjoy seeing the fruit of our labor. It was not about the presents it was truly about their presence in our home. I certainly did not run around getting in debt this year, I bought what they needed and nothing more, I reminded them it is Jesus' birthday not ours. May you all remember to spend time with those you love. Remember that you may see people basking in wealth and wealth is good but that is not what makes me happy. I have learned that chasing after wealth is not as important as chasing after those you love. Remember to love on your family and give them your time and your love. Thank you God for opening up my time once again.

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