Saturday, January 17, 2015

Born to win, I spent the first half of my life around doers!

I have spent half my life trying to help others and I don't know if that was wise anymore. I spent the first half of my life watching my mother work her life away taking care of everyone else and so I promised myself that I would not enable others and that I would not hurt another generation. I made it my business not to live check to check and get caught in the rat race because I see it as modern day slavery. However, every now and then I get weary and slip back into the day to day process.

I found myself there recently. I wanted to be strong for my family but sometimes you just have to face the facts that you are hurting more than you are helping. So once again I find myself looking for the solution that will make everyone's life better. I find myself thinking of my sister who has worked her life away just as my mother had and I just wish I could hurry this thing along and make sure she can enjoy this life God blessed her to have. I have to be an example to my daughter as well.

I don't want to spend my life check to check or borrowing and not living the true "American Dream". I found myself working for a company with a reputable name promising all these financial incentives that never materialized. I thought wow I can see how many hundreds of thousands of dollars and even million dollar accounts I have closed the sale on for your company and you can't part with the few hundred dollars you have promised your employees. I say that to say I never want to be so greedy I can't share my wealth. I never want to get so greedy I can watch employees earn huge wins for my company and refuse to compensate them for their energy.

In marriage and family it is the same if you have people working hard to bring your dream to fruition you should feel joy in compensating them. I have learned first hand the importance of rewarding my sons for their hard work and efforts before I reward anyone else but I feel totally obligated to handle any promises I make to other employees as well. I have vowed to work towards building a legacy for my children's, children because I never want to see them in lack again. I also don't want to see anyone connected to me in lack ever again.Therefore, I decree I will be finishing first this time around!

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