Monday, January 19, 2015

Why is it so hard without her...

Life has been quite an up and down experience since my mother died. I find myself saying why is it so hard without her? She was the person that pushed me to remain stable. She never allowed me to quit. No matter what it was she believed that if you just endured to the end you would win.

As I work with major corporations on the most cost effective solution for their businesses I realize why she fought so hard to teach us that things done in halves are never done right. I listen to people who aren't smarter than a brick become successful, people who can't even speak the language running million dollar companies. It isn't that they are smarter than you they have learned the principle of endurance. They have learned to finish. They are disciplined which makes them wise.

I was looking back on our life and we were so close to major success when my mother died, we had 3 units and were moving to a new location with our furniture store but everything just seemed to go wrong. I was checking out a friend who was in a similar business and she was pulling $10,000 a month but the same with her everything seemed to just go wrong. The problem was we folded. We didn't see it through.

Even in college when people kept saying I don't know how you do it after I got married and had my sons. I had Mom's constant reminder that I had to finish. I knew no matter what was to come as Mom said "Your education is the one thing they can not take from you. I knew she always said "things done in halves are never done right." Therefore, I knew I simply had to finish. So it is with our current business it has been a journey because it is seasonal which means we have to be like the ants and prepare for winter. We have to be wise as God increases our territory but we must endure and see it through.

I see it as such a blessing though because we have winter to work on our other talents we have November through March to work on my husbands talent as an Artist and my talent as a Writer. What is most fulfilling is that we have recognized our gifts,  now it is time to simply reinforce and perfect our niche.

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