Monday, March 21, 2011

A letter of appreciation to all who bless our lives!

It was my first weekend back to being Taxi mom. I enjoyed being able to take my children to their activities. I believe what I missed most was the new activities. I missed seeing my daughter finally becoming a cheerleader. I truly appreciate Dad for leaving work, picking her up and taking her to cheer. I am happy they shared this experience, I just wish this were a perfect world and we both would have been there.

I enjoyed watching my son transform before my eyes. He went on his college tour and handled himself very well. He received compliment after compliment on truly representing his high school. They were very shocked to see him in a suit and tie. The faculty just smiled and kept saying it was nice that he took the time to dress so sharp and represent so well.

So twice this week I heard the word represent. My daughters' VP said "she represented her school well by answering question after question." Her coaches said "she answered questions they did not even go over and she hit that buzzer." They asked what school she came from before and I had to give honor to her magnet school Morehead Elementary where her 3rd grade teacher truly worked hard helping her to understand that she has to always be prepared and achieve. Mrs. Scott was the strongest educator she has had up to this point in her life. Their team work paid off and it showed when she achieved a 4 on both her EOG's that year.

She said many will not take the time but I know what she will be facing and so she challenged my daughter to always be her best. She never allowed her to get away with anything less than her best. She has taken that with her in all that she does. I appreciate her team of coaches and her teacher this year for all their encouragement. She is truly blossoming into God's woman.

I am just so grateful for people like Mrs. Hood who take the time to bring the girls together to volunteer at places like Crisis Assist. It blesses my daughter more than she will ever know. For outside of my neice who does a fabulous job doing her hair and who has a very busy college life she has no young female family members to spend time with. Having four brothers, my daughter often says please have a girl? My reply is my child rearing days are over.

So it truly makes her day to share with "her sisters" from her school. It truly makes up for my mom whom I miss so dearly not being able to spoil her because Mrs. Hood and Ms. Hahn are right there being a true blessing in her life; especially when I am pulled in more than one direction and they take their time to plan opportunities for them. So much appreciation to those who bless our lives!

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