Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gods love is not conditional!

Isn't His love simply amazing? When I think about how many times...... I have messed something up. I think "God do you still love me and want me to carry this thing out?" His answer is "you are the apple of my eye." If we sit back and let man badger us we will stay in a place of defeat and condemnation. However, God truly remembers our sins no more.

Sometimes you have to wonder if some people in the body of Christ truly understand that it is our duty to imitate Christ. They will beat you down and help the enemy rather than brush you off and help you get back up. Sometimes you should ask them whose team are you really on?

I am grateful for my Pastor in Augusta because he taught me well. When Mom died I thought I would never forgive my Stepdad and I felt so much guilt and shame. I said Pastor "I am not worthy of Gods love because I can not even speak to this man." He said "You know Peter denied Christ 3 times but he kept going and he went on to do great and mighty things for the Lord." He said "You have to forgive yourself, because God has already forgiven you."

So I have learned ........yes I will fall down but I will definitely rise again. I will not always win the race in the swiftest manner. But the race is not always given to the swift, the true winner is the one that endures. I further had an advisor who was a Judge tell me look at Lincoln. He failed at everything but he kept on until he became President. He said "Never give up, you keep at those business ideas until you win." I believe God sends those people into our lives to remind us that his Love is truly unconditional. He knew our mistakes before we even made them and he is not there waiting to pound on you like man will. He is there waiting to hold you and remind you "you are still my daughter, you are still my son" Rise up, shake it off and win!

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