Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giving honor where honor is due an "Awesome Vice Principal"

I must say I am truly impressed. Since I have resided in the south, I have seen some African American principals used as mere tokens in their roles to fill a need to say we have a black person in position of authority in the school system. However, whatever the intent at Sterling Elementary Mrs. Odom has truly shined as a beacon of light and hope for the young ladies at this school. In a school of more than 90% minority students with a staff of about 90% non minority teachers. It is outstanding to see this Vice principal operate and show these young woman that they will achieve despite the odds.
I have seen this Vice Principal get in the trenches on several occassions and truly work with the young ladies to mentor them in a way that few people would. This past week alone she and Ms. Higgins invited the girls in every morning at 6:45 am before school to teach them how to step for their competition. Even the day of the competition she invited the girls to the school to practice one more time before their competition at 12:15 pm. It was beautiful to see girls from all walks of life come together to compete. You could see the comfort and warmth in their eyes, which occurs because of her warmth and love for the children.
I am not easily impressed, there has to be a sincerity of heart in your effort and willingness to participate in the lives of children. Mrs. Odom is definitely the Vice Principal of the year! An honorable, dedicated woman put in position by the creator.

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