Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm simply not a pretender

I have had two trying incidents this month. The most disturbing was taking my son to the dentist. My children have the most amazing dental facility in the south. Yet a new dentist was hired. She is normally a general dentist and it shows. I am very careful to align my children with people of God as often as I can and you can see their normal dentist has a heart after God. I seek out pediatricians because I know they usually have a heart for children. You see their joy is very important to me.

My son was being prodded and stuck by needles and as he was squirming he began to moan. Well the dentist proceeded to advise him she thinks "he just likes to moan." Anyone who knows me knows I believe children are little people. I believe at a certain age they are mature and intelligent enough to tell you when they are hurting and this particular child is highly intelligent. He does not complain often and so when he speaks...... I know to take heed. I took time to breathe and then I said " he knows when he is in pain, he is not a child that just moans without reason." She then proceeded to advise me why he should not be in pain.

I then understood it was her issue not my sons at all. I reported my concerns to management and moved on. I thought God you have to be moving on my behalf in the spirit realm because it is without fail, whenever you begin to move Satan loses his mind. I have to rejoice when things get out of the calm.

My next trial was the library. I was purchasing inexpensive books for my library collection but they were books I had in my wish list......and only God knew I wanted one book in particular and of course books for home school. As I was making the purchase the young lady rang my total as they always have. However, I could see the unrest in the lady next to her. Finally she said "oh, those books are oversized and she should be charged double. It was not the cost, for had she simply asked for a donation she would have recieved much more, for one book was worth more than the cost of all. It was simply the manner in which it was handled. She simply could not stomach the blessing.

I showed her I did have 2 oversized books and was charged for such. She proceeded to show the lady the standard books and said standard really means the small books and showed her a romance novel. If it meant small books the sign should indicate that. If she had to describe it as such she knew the sign or her explanation was inaccurate. If I had not bought the books at other branches I may have overlooked it. I simply replied "and you wonder why your systems are failing." I really had one of those father forgive me moments. She turned red. However, it just really makes you wonder why some people can not honor what they have in writing.

Since I have been in the south all I have heard is "that is just the way it is" and they pretend that all is well. My response is basically that it is just not the way it is going to be. There is a God who blesses us and the enemy does not want to see us blessed. We have a certain authority in the earth realm and as long as I have breath in this body it will not be acceptable to me. I know it is important to choose my battles carefully, but I am learning that you can not always take the comfortable route. I must say I am not good at being the great pretender!

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