Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It just gets better and better! God is Great!

Yesterday just got better and better! As I entered the day, I was overcoming my physical challenges I faced Sunday, my body was completely healed and restored. Then my children came home with their reports! Victor said "Mommy can I go to 2nd grade next year?" he was still a little concerned about his teacher telling him he could not move forward last year. I said "Mommy will not allow any Devil to ever hold you back, God will always take excellent care of you." He just smiled knowing God's got me!

It continued to get better because Mikey came in with his honor roll report card...... straight B's and he was too excited about achieving honor roll. My daughter Taylor strolled in and said "Mom I made it.....I got straight A's!" That was enough to make any Mommy say "Yes!"

But God did not stop there, shortly thereafter, I opened one letter that came in the mail with a Valentines Day gift of $100.00 from my family. Then my darling husband came home and said here is your new phone! So needless to say Valentines Day....which is not even here yet has been quite fruitful. I truly give God all the glory and thank the vessels he used to make my Monday a truly special day filled with joy! It is such a pleasure to start the week off right! Thank God his grace and mercy are simply new every day!

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