Monday, February 7, 2011

It never fails!

In my effort to be totally patient and wait on God I lost patience, I made a blooper and prematurely moved. Recently I took a job offer that conflicts with my ability to go to church. In the past, I would not have accepted but I thought well it's for the greater good of others. However, I still believe God will always work it out for my good as he knows my heart. I was on my "but Lord there is so much for me to do. How can I be a blessing if I am sitting back waiting for it to happen?"

It is in those moments we realize we have to follow Proverbs 3:5 "Lean not to (my) own understanding in all my ways acknowledge (God) and he will direct (my) path." It is now obvious to me that God is showing me he doesn't need me to make things happen....He does an Excellent job all on his own!:-)

First there was a physical toll on my body and then one of the opportunities for the Victor Foundation that I was so waiting on conflicted with my schedule. However, delay is not denial. Learn from my mistake and let's keep it moving saints for there is work to be done!

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