Saturday, February 19, 2011

But God! And only God can lead us!

As I have been praying about some things this month, I have been led to praising God for his goodness. You see no man can make me or my descendants great. Only God can take us to where he is leading us. No one on this earth can give us what God can. If there are people out there believing I will follow the paparazzi, then you are more full of yourselves than I thought. I am not following God for anybodys pleasure. I am following God because I love God.

My endurance is for the greater one who lives within me and will never be for man. I am raising children to serve God. They are not in any one's clicks and I am not raising them to criticize or put other people down. I teach them that there is only one greater and he is the alpha and the omega, he is the great I am.

You see I understand that I am nothing without Christ. I understand that everything that I have and my entire being is created and has been able to be through Christ. I know what it is to be with and without. I have seperated myself from a love of earthly things and been willing to do without to rid myself of this flesh. I also know that when the absolute blessing comes it comes from God and God only. Man is but a vessel, it is God who is the GREAT I AM!

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