Sunday, December 5, 2010

Letter of Love.......... to my daughter!

Dear Taylor,

Congratulations is definitely in order. Although I had to work and I missed your first solo performance, I must say I am extremely proud of you. You have been a true beacon of light. In the midst of growing up with four brothers you often say Mom we need girl time and because I am so overwhelmed at times you seem to be put on hold.

However, you lovingly and patiently wait quietly and occupy your time by reading novels bigger than those I have even read (at leisure). I am so pleased with your desire to excel at everything you put your hand to and you have made life a little easier on your parents. Thanks for always making honor roll, getting 100% on most of your tests and for helping your brothers get ready in the morning when I am taxi Mom. Thanks for helping with the laundry, for baking your delicious cheese cakes and thanks for always filling in and still handling your business like only you can!

As I entered your school Friday morning after missing your concert I had a heavy heart but your Music teacher walked over to me with a smile and said she is a special one. It truly melted my heart. You are extremely special to me and I know you know that in your heart. I of course thought as Mom all of you are and I thanked her for the compliment.

Each and everyone of you has your own unique gift and it is always nice when someone takes a moment to recognize your talents, your hard work and your beauty which flows inside and out. Taylor thanks for being the shining star that lights my day and keeps the fire burning inside of me!



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