Monday, December 20, 2010

God must be first and he must be the lead!

Over the years I have heard a great deal of advise. However, what I know is the best statement I ever heard was that a man who is not being led by God is being led by something. I can not afford to spend my life being led by anything other than God. So this year is the end of insanity. I must spend my life doing what I have always known to do which is Keep God First. You see no one and nothing can take the place of God being the head of my life. Many things have come in and distracted me but nothing and no one is greater than God. I have spent a few weeks simply cutting out all outside distractions and voices.

Therefore, know that this is the end of insanity and the beginning of my attention being centered on God. People have tried to take first place and I know that is not possible. I have tried to cater to everything and everyone because I truly want to see everyone win and be happy. However, I can not help anyone until I help myself.

I was also advised not long ago that I have to stop blaming myself and forgive myself before I can help anyone else. I simply was not trained for all that I have encountered and as women it is our nature to nurture and love. Mom spent her last days trying to remind me that I needed to remember who I am and why she made the sacrifices that she did. She made it clear that she sacrificed her life so that we would not have to.

Before we can love others we must first love ourselves. When a man or a woman loses sight of loving self they hinder the process of truly loving others. So as I heal, those of you who need to take this journey do so knowing that Gods man will understand your need to love yourself. A man of God will love you like Christ loved the church. He will lead you to places that only God can take him.

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In Christ!