Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Dragon is slayed and you already Won!

I must say I had a Daniel prayer for 13 years and I was going through life just doing what I knew to do and in 2004 God answered my prayers. I was standing in church and the visiting preacher said "Women of God" and another woman began to move. He said "No, the woman of God...the one holding the baby." He said God has seen your tears and he said no more.

He called my husband and I up to the altar and he said the intimate details of our situation. He told my husband you will do what God has commanded. He then turned to me and said you will be blessed with all you desire. My desire was that my husband assume his position and take care of our family and it was not that he did not want to. He was just struggling with how to get there.

I was hurting because I did not want my family to hurt but most of all I did not want my daughter to see me in the condition of being the bread winner and running things I should not have to run. In our transition to Georgia our marriage was in danger and I had gone home to stay with mom until my husband was ready.When I left I was pregnant with our 4th child. Upon my return it was not immediate but I saw the change take place. I saw my man of God assume his position.

For the next year he did all God commanded and more, he bought my dream house 5 bedrooms as I requested, 2 story brick home (I was actually settling because the original dream was the mansion in the movie Body Guard :-) and he bought me the expedition then the excursion. He was doing the darn thing. He was making the decisions and taking care of our family, he was making up for all those years and I was elated. God had even birthed the dream of our own business and had blessed us with $10,000.00 to open the business on new ground in the end of 2004 and that no one was aware of.

A little history, he was touched by the man of God in 2001. My Pastor at my church who had really spoken to him like my father should have but he was absent so I was on my own. He assumed the role of my spiritual father and for that I will be eternally grateful. My Pastor now back in Georgia, his aunt, was in her prayer closet praying for us especially in 2002 and beyond and all was working together for our good. We were sowing into Oral Roberts Ministry and they were praying for us as well.

The only problem was I had made a mess of things by returning to a state I was warned not to go back to. I was warned not to go back to Egypt. I had heard the confirmation sermon that when we go some place we are not to go, the Devil will make it all look good and then he will attack. I was not quite sure it happened completely as such but he definitely launched and attacked. He launched an attack I was not quite ready for. I knew God was blessing so it did not make sense to me.

However, I share this testimony because there is someone going through and I now know who that is. Just know that this time is for preparation, be obedient and God will fully answer your prayer. He did it for me and I know he will do it again and again! He never changes. It may not be immediate but it will come. I only ask that you prepare and read Revelations 12:1-9 The dragon stood waiting for her to birth the baby so he could devour but know you already won! He is already slayed! Be obedient, be prepared for Ephesians 6 because with every victory we must be ready for battle....... be ready to stand!

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