Thursday, December 2, 2010

War on Christmas...Satan you lose to Christ!

I was recently asked to write an article on the War on Christmas and I declined because I thought what a waste of people's time. However, I now realize how ridiculous Satan is. There is no true war because Satan will lose every time because he is a defeated foe. God will always WIN! It does not matter, nothing and no one will ever declare war on Christ and win. There is simply too much power in his name.

It just made me think back to the first time I realized how much Power was in the name of Jesus. I was walking my children to the school one day and a Rottweiler came charging toward us. I was a true baby in Christ at this time. However, I just stood still and told the children to be still and I said in the name of Jesus you go away and I just prayed. That dog literally tucked his tail and went the other way. I was standing there shaking in my shoes as I was holding my youngest son then a baby in my arms and telling my children and neice and nephew to be still. It was that day I understood the Power of His Name! You see in my flesh I was terrified but the power of the name of Jesus is what turned that situation around literally.

Even in the midst of every situation I call on his name and plead the blood knowing that God is and will always be in the midst of our struggles. He is truly a present help in the time of our need. So Satan you lose every time you get in the battle lines with Christ.

Yes Christians have chosen to boycott organizations that will not allow their employees to say Merry Christmas and we should exercise our right and buying power to lovingly say Merry Christmas! For he is truly the reason for this season! You simply can not take Christ out of Christmas!

© 2010 Denise Loundes-Russell

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