Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When You separate Yourself from Outside Voices You Appreciate!

As I shared, I have spent the last days of 2010 separated from outside influences and voices because I need to know I am hearing clearly from the Almighty God. I have spent this year being totally transparent. I want people to know the real me. I never want to find myself forgetting where I came from but most importantly I wanted to free myself from things that are unlike God that I have picked up along the way, on my journey.

I wanted to be free from a critical spirit most importantly. I never want anyone to feel like I did not take this journey too. Some may get there faster than others but we all doubt, we all fall short and we can all get to the destiny God had already ordained. It was in listening to the testimony of my supervisor called the fearless leader that I understood. He said "even though I am surrounded by greatness I sometimes doubt", he said "so I ask you all to pray for my unbelief." He is a leader of a huge Christian organization but he was so honest and real that his testimony was priceless.

I wanted to analyze things but recognize the good in everybody without letting the bad become a part of who I am. I wanted to always love people where they are. It was amazing, I was really upset with my husband but for a time and it took one little act of kindness for me to recall how wonderful he is. You see we are always hardest on those we love and who are closest to us. My daughter began to regurgitate something that did not agree with her. Well I do not have the stomach for it. So I said honey, Taylor is vomiting and I need to take care of her and make her tea etc but I can't stand the smell of vomit. He replied so humbly, "I got it baby, I will clean it up."

It is in those moments you realize what an honor it is to have a partner who can handle the things we often take for granted. So in closing this Christmas season remember to love more than anything and we will all get there!

Blessings .....In Christ!



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