Friday, May 20, 2011

The Miracles are here

I have written my story in an effort to be totally transparent. I can not say all these things were self created. It was in my weakest moments that God began to show up and move on my behalf. I have been silent for the past few weeks and just watched how amazing God is.

I had a tough month sifting through Moms things on her birthday and Mothers Day, well honestly I could not drag myself out of the bed. I thought God I am suppose to be overjoyed. I am blessed with 5 beautiful children and a husband that loves me dearly. I have the best sisters and friends in the world. Why am I sad? Last year I was at peace with Mommy dying. I enjoyed my Mother's Day. This year I was bogged with debt and sadness. I was depressed and God's children are not depressed.

Yet in the twinkle of an eye God paid off a debt that was heavy on my heart. I am talking about thousands not hundred dollar debts. I was free. I danced a jig and celebrated so hard it was amazing. Talk about God granting the desires of your heart. It was money that had been held up for so long. I had many things I wanted to do (like take a cruise, do some marketing) but the debts being paid off was so much more important to me. I believe when we do things in order the latter desires will be fulfilled.

So note there is so much to share. I am just in a quiet place giving God the absolute glory for blessing my children in their educational opportunities and so much more. Keep praising saints the miracle is here!

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