Saturday, May 7, 2011

An amazing Mother Son Night Out at Sterling Elementary School

I must say God never ceases to amaze me. This week has been filled with one surprise after another. Last night was the Mother/Son dance at my children's school and I must say I was extremely impressed with the effort and success of the event. I heard some say there weren't enough people as the greatest disappointment. However, what God whispered in my ear rang true. It was not the quantity but the don't despise small beginnings. It was awesome to see the Mothers get on the dance floor with their Prince and thoroughly enjoy the evening. It truly made me realize I need to get out and enjoy life even more.

I totally enjoyed seeing my sons on the dance floor with their friends. I loved dancing with my Princes and my King; I so appreciated my sister being my youngest sons' date for the evening. Little Vic was tickled by having his hot Auntie as "his date."

I must say that the entire staff both the Principal and Vice Principal were in attendance and were grooving with the children. I truly saw such warmth in the eyes of all involved. Ms. M was just fantastic with her choir of boys singing "Momma" it really touched my heart. Ms. M can truly dance .......she absolutely has the rhythm! Let us not forget the awesome table cloths that Ms. Hood took time to iron. It was absolutely so generous of the staff to give of their time and talents and the PTA hats off to the tireless effort you spent pulling off this awesome event. Considering it was Mother's Day, the sacrifice was outstanding. I could not have asked for a better night.

Last but not least I must say my husband did an outstanding job! He had Justice being one of the photographers to later create videos with Walter and Taylor serving. I am always impressed when he takes time to give of himself and shares the talents that God has gifted him to share with others. For example, whenever he says I can make something, I know to just let him do his thing. He took wood and turned them into valet stands. Only God could have gifted him with the talent to take a piece of wood and turn it into a beautiful decor! Congratulations "Mr. Eddie Perfect" you did your thing and I am just overjoyed to see you using your gifts and talents in the greatest way GIVING! :-)

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