Saturday, January 23, 2016

Too much emphasis on Like these days......They didn't like Jesus or Dr. King.....

I know social media wants you to believe you should be liked. Well, I remember as a child coming home from school crying saying Mom "they were saying mean things and they don't like me." My mother looked me in the eye and said "You came in this world alone and you will leave it alone. It is when they like you....... that is when you should be worried. They are going to talk about you and they will not like you." She said "They didn't like Jesus and they didn't like Martin Luther King, Jr either." I say this to remind my children and others that change is uncomfortable and people don't like you when you make a difference. In the words of my mother your life should mean something and you should make a difference for the next generation as long as God loves you that is all that matters. It's when they like you too much and stop talking about you is when you should be concerned.

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