Monday, January 18, 2016

My previous post was selfish and sometimes you have to be...

I hope people understand because I almost deleted my last post. I asked my husband if I should delete it because it may hurt people's feelings. He responded "no, the truth hurts." I had to truly figure out how we move forward in life with all of us feeling fulfilled. I can not expect my husband to stay in places he is unfulfilled and he does not expect me to stay in places I feel unfulfilled.

I grew up in New Jersey so the south and the north are like day and night, I have learned some good things about living in the south though. You have to create your own destiny and create your own wealth. You have to leave a legacy behind and truly be the CHANGE you want to see.

I can dwell on the statistics and cry that the school system will never provide our children with an adequate education or I can see to it that my children get what they need. Last year, we were paying $400-$600.00 a month on tutoring for my youngest son. I thought that is enough to send my child to private school or I can use that money to create a safe place for all children to get additional assistance. My children are all creative, some more academic than others.

My daughter is more like I was leaning towards academic honors but even more brilliant. She maintains a 4.0 and she works in Charlotte, I drive her 45 minutes there because I am not ready for her to deal with small town thinking to some degree. Yet, she is not my biggest concern because she will be successful no matter where she goes. However, my sons are leaning more towards the creative side with the exception of 2 of the 4. One has already paved his way to college and one has paved his way to being certified in HVAC and fiber optics and towards being self employed.

I have 2 young sons left to raise who share similar qualities. I am grateful for the time I had in Charlotte, NC where there was a tremendous amount of support through programs such as UNCC where the children were able to get additional Science and Math courses on Saturdays. I am extremely grateful to programs such as the Urban League who blessed my husband and son with training and the ability to get better paying jobs. I am forever grateful to Victory Christian Center for showing us that life can be excellent when you create your own. They have amazed the Charlotte community by creating their own schools, their own programs and always upheld excellence in all that they do. They gave my children a fun environment to learn about Christ and a Friday fun night they will always cherish.

What my purpose in life is to do is not only to help my children succeed but to make sure there are resources available to combat the idea of the starving artist to ensure our children and other children the ability to pave their own way. To help them realize their source is the Almighty God and that man should not be the captain of their fate. To truly help them mobilize and learn to take the lemons they are given and make lemonade stands. So moving forward understand my reason for being selfish is to maximize my purpose so that one day we may truly be selfless in the best possible way. It is definitely time for change.

P.S.  I also salute people like Jada Pickett for recognizing that we can love the programs such as the award shows that exist but that we must understand that we can create our own platforms to acknowledge our successes as well!!!



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