Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Don't Want to Be a Hypocrit..... I just want to live for God....

I recently did what some call "back slide". I stopped going to church and I had to take time and get away from religion. It started becoming uncomfortable in a bad way. My biggest concern was being able to carry out what I was hearing in the pulpit. Love was what I grew up hearing and believing but that wasn't necessarily the instruction. My Bible said if I can't love you who stands before me, then my love for God is basically in vain.

I use to say and now I hear people say you should not be listening to secular music and yet look on Facebook and their talking about Scandal and Mary Jane, two of the most damaging agents for African American women and their self esteem. I don't know that secular music is more damaging than secular tv.

The more I visited other cultures and churches it seemed they were not tied to the bondage we seem to have. They seem fine listening to anything and watching anything as long as the Holy Spirit doesn't convict them otherwise and they certainly aren't trying to figure out what the congregation is watching or listening to. I certainly don't have a desire to listen to most of the junk playing today on the radio or tv.

I've had to really step back and realize I listened to BET growing up and yet my love for God was never stronger. It doesn't mean I listen to harsh rap but every now and then I hear a song like John Legend's "All of Me" and I can't help but wonder why God would be displeased. So I have stepped back from judging my children and stopped awhile back requiring that they not listen to any secular music. I guess I will have to continue to pray about this. However, it just seems hypocritical for me to watch "Scandal" (which I don't) and all the other junk on t.v and then get on my high horse about not listening to secular music. Pray for me because it's going to take some time to get back to that holy place the right way.

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