Monday, March 3, 2014

No longer running away, It was My God that Kept me Sane!

When I worship you, I know it is not in vain.
People don't understand my worship, because it was born out of my pain.

Loving a wonderful, magnificent God is more meaningful than some will ever know.
My worship is the seed that I sow.

Loving my family comes natural to me.
Born out of the love of a woman who made great sacrifices for me to Be!

The God that I serve has kept me protected from so much harm.
I feel like the children when I say "He's the bomb."

He's lifted me out of my miry clay.
He re-invented someone I thought went away.

He saved me from a very dark place.
So that I could stand tall and show my face.

So when I stood at church and heard you don't know my story, you don't know my pain.
It screamed volumes to my identity and it confirmed it was only God that had kept me sane.

As I sat in church with tears rolling down my face.
It was my moment when God had answered and had once again touched me and strengthened my faith.

He reminded me he was present and he was filling this place.
He confirmed it was time for me to occupy his space.

No longer could I run away, no place left to hide; there was simply nothing left to disguise.
It was time to woman up and be who God called me to Be.
Soldier take your place is the vision I could hear and see.

Denise Loundes-Russell ©2014

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