Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Love is not for sale!

Many people live their lives accepting anything from anyone. However, I am grateful my mother taught me a person's character truly matters. I can remember the first time I had roses delivered to my high school. I was a teenager walking in the park and this nice looking car pulled up. The young man got out and asked my name. I told him I didn't talk to strangers, he went on and on and attempted to get my phone number, address anything but I refused. He wouldn't stop so I finally gave him my first name.

I realized it was the chase and the fact that I wasn't easy that made him so interested. He later went to my high school and learned my name through classmates and had a dozen red roses delivered to the school office. When they arrived they were beautiful. I asked who knew how he had gotten my last name and I told that classmate to tell him I don't want them. Everyone was in awe, they couldn't understand why I refused such a beautiful gift. Nor could he but he got the picture after another encounter.

I had learned early on that it starts with a man thinking he can buy your love.I truly wanted it to be clear that I was not interested in his "dirty money." I have always had a distaste for anyone who could kill our own people through crack or any other means. I just never thought money was more important than human life and I always felt like there were consequences for my every action; further the reason I don't allow alcohol or cigarette smoking in my home.

Therefore, I share this story because I'm grateful that my Mom showed me shows like Sparkle and The Color Purple and helped me realize I wanted a man with vision. I wanted someone who truly knew what it meant to hang in there and love his family. There's an old saying that a woman's loyalty is tested when they have nothing, but a man's loyalty is tested when they have everything. I'm glad I prayed for someone who wasn't going to use or abuse me. I am glad I prayed for someone I could love and be loved by. It is in your adversity that you truly understand love. It is then you realize how important it is that he be a friend first and foremost.  I pray this testimony is a light to my sisters and my daughter some day. May you choose a man of God who loves you like Christ loved the church, because your love should not be for sale.

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