Monday, March 3, 2014

We Must Go On

I once found myself in a pretty dark place.
So afraid in this life, I just wanted to cover my face.

I didn't understand how I ended up in "this lake".
I knew it wasn't the seeds I had sown, "it had to be a mistake!"

One catastrophe, followed by another and another.
This was right before and after I lost my Mother.

A sea of loneliness had set in, day after day of grieving and pain.
My God, where are you? I wondered in vain.

Or so I I couldn't collect my thoughts.
Theories circled in my head of Why or Why Not? ....and all those ought's.....

"I oughta this" and "I oughta" that ran through my head.
There was nothing I could do now.....She was already dead.

I wanted vengeance, but my heart was too weak.
I knew I had simply hit what some called "a bad streak."

A time in my life filled with pure misery.
Thank God for His Love and my husband's chivalry.

I climbed out slowly from that dark, dark place, "there was a light just a shining"....I could finally once again see.
It was time to regain my composure and dare to carry on and Be who God created me to Be.

You can't understand my journey without knowing my song.
In hearing someone else's story, we sometimes find the strength to go on!

Denise Loundes-Russell ©2014

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