Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sometimes you have to say it is not okay

As a business owner I have truly learned it is okay to say "it is not okay." People tend to think you have to settle and you don't. Just like you trust God for your paycheck, I trust God will send the right customers who will appreciate our time, efforts and talents.

I have found our most loyal customers are Blessed because they appreciate the efforts of others. It's a cycle because when all you know is how to get over, you don't realize you are really getting over on yourself. As my husband said "it's always easy for the person receiving to miss it." Or as my Mom would say, "if you do good you are doing good for yourself."

This season remember to be a blessing to someone else. Remember to open up a blessing so huge for someone else and watch God do the miraculous in your life as well.

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