Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Church Folk...When You Know Better You Do Better...He's the King of Kings!

As I pray about the direction of my children...... I see....
We have to do much better as a church community.

I sent my children to christian schools.... To Be......
To become better people of God, can't you see.....

As I heard my children report on what they did see.....
It broke my heart because we represent the King of Kings!
We have to do better and present much better beings....

My children said "Momma, just because their in church don't make them christian."
I responded "no, but they are striving and on a better mission."

One said, "Then how can they teach about Christ and have hate in their heart."
I said "Baby, it's not about where they are, they are in the right place and that's a start."

Another said "Momma, the students threaten the Teachers to go to Pastor about the music they've heard and seen."
Then I said "Oh Lord, we have to be better beings."

I revamped and went to church to be a blessing to a sister in Christ.
Yet she dishonored her word before my child and it cut just like a knife.
As my child continues to ask questions about church folk I now pay the price.

I know that my trust is not in man.
But please do better before our children because I know that we can.

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