Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Memberships are the cheapest in most instances

This summer I had a lot of time to observe parental spending habits and I must say we waste so much money without realizing it. If there is anything I can emphasize it is memberships. I watched people use coupons and think they saved, saved, saved. While I just smiled because I finally get it, memberships are not just about being exclusive it's about those who have it will keep what they have. It's a way of saving money for those who have. So I just wanted to pass a message to my sisters who maybe single moms, the best way to save at most organizations is through membership. I am not endorsing any particular organization. I just want to advise you that by the time you pay for parking and you have used your $10.00 off coupon you may as well buy the membership. If you can't find yourself parting with "all that money at once" at least buy the least expensive membership and upgrade later but please stop buying one ticket at a time. It is going to cost you in the long my Mom always said "the cheapest becomes the dearest":-) You get unlimited entry when you have a membership if it is $15.00 more or a little more for the membership go for it!:-) Don't buy a $55.00 ticket when the membership is $69.00 and feel you have saved. You paid $12.00 for the parking so you would have had the membership anyway......we have to change our way of thinking to truly create wealth for the future and improve our ability to enjoy this blessed life God has orchestrated.

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