Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The new "ism"

This summer I spent some time exploring the types of jobs I would want my sons to pursue and I actually applied to work where they wanted to work because I needed to see the types of environments they would be subjected to. Needless to say I was grateful I took the time to apply. I learned that our boys are facing a new ism. We had to deal with racism and sexism growing up but the new ism is "gayism." If our young men choose to take their roles as Kings they are now faced with the possibility of not being promoted because they choose not to partake in being Queens. I always thought of Charlotte as a great place to raise our children in the south, in a neutral town away from the hate that hate creates such as in the harsher portions of the south such as Georgia. However, I am learning why it's called the Queen city. I don't have a problem with people choosing their lifestyle. I just have a problem when your lifestyle is now being forced down the throat of those who choose to live a lifestyle they believe in. No ism should be forced on people to become something they are not to make others feel comfortable. If your comfortable in your life style you would not feel the need to force it on others. Isms have no place in the workforce or in America.

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