Wednesday, July 4, 2012

IRS and the State Revenue Department maybe running out of money

I have taken my hiatus and worked on grading the end of grade tests but it is now time to get back to writing. The IRS deal, it is apparent in the US we do not have enough money to pay people. From late federal refunds to children's savings account being taken by NC's revenue department. The state is sweeping common individual bank accounts. They have been fining people whether they owe the state or not and quite frankly the only way to fight back is to file law suits in court. It is quite disheartening to see people losing their tax returns and their earnings. Some people have provided proof to the state and the IRS has alledgedly lost the documents that were provided. Don't waste anytime with the tax payer advocates because some have been instructed to assist you with the minimum that can be corrected. If they owe you $5,000 you may get $1,000.00 it is truly sad. You are better off hiring H&R Block but once they are off season they too can be difficult to get a hold of. It would be better if the IRS simply said we don't have money to pay you rather than stringing people along and making them believe they have made some erroneous error. Most found that they were being advised they needed social security numbers on pages they did not. When checking previous returns they realized it had been done the same way for years. They are tactics to make you believe you have made an error when you have not.

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