Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Our" IRS is going after average citizens who have difficulty fighting back

As a US citizen I have often wondered how people like Redd Foxx etc could possibly die poor after working so hard in America. After seeing Wesley Snipes incarcerated, I wondered if there is not something we could do differently in the United States about the IRS. Afterall the IRS is given full power and control to take your money whether you truly owe them or not. They are given 10 years to collect from the average American and the average American is given 3 years to collect from them.

It is ironic that an institution such as the Internal Revenue Service given it's power and control would lack the integrity to ensure that the average citizen would receive the correct amount of money when they file their returns if all their w-2's are included. What would prevent you from making necessary adjustments in the favor of the client. Afterall, if the client err's you hit them with ridiculous penalties and even imprisonment as we see with Wesley Snipes. What can we do to ensure the safety of the average citizen? That is what we are currently investigating.

Stay tuned as we interview Americans who state they are being asked to furnish receipts they initially furnished to the IRS and 7 years later the IRS and the state revenue departments are still going after seniors, low income people and your average citizen. When they furnish an advocate the advocates are giving people the run around. If you have been forced to pay taxes you know you didn't owe or been forced to pay taxes after using AARP, or paying a CPA or someone to file on your behalf please email us and let us know at

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