Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sometimes we are called to bare one another's burdens for true freedom

I was recently finding myself in that place where you just get so weary in well doing. However, I had to remind myself that someone bared the burden for me when I was being raised. I am so very grateful for my mother God rest her soul. Now I understand when she said it was not easy raising us.

Sometimes, people see you raising children and they think it is so easy. For the most part it was, but when you have 5 sometimes it can just seem like it is always something. I had to call my sisters and just say pray my strength. Then an old friend showed up to remind me I am not alone. She traveled a long way and it blessed my heart so much. She even blessed my children which always means so much to me.

Sometimes when God gives us an assignment it can seem so easy. However, when you try to walk that thing out for the greater good of all you can truly come against significant opposition. I thank God for those of you who held up my husbands arms and kept us in prayer. It was so appreciated. As we bare each others burdens may we continue to walk this walk with God's mercy and grace. Be Blessed and keep us in your prayers as we strive for true freedom.

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