Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Surrounding yourself with those who want to see you at your for the little things......

For the last few years I have made major changes by moving to a city that I believed would open doors and give my children peace and opportunity. I am happy to say my 19 year old has been blessed as a supervisor and my 16 year old has had great success in his current position. I have made every effort to surround myself with people who have my best interest at heart. I have learned that you just have to cut off things and people who do not mean you well. Sometimes you carry dead weight and pray for people but ultimately God will bring laborers across their path.

I have learned that there are some people in this world who will always want to catch you at your worst and those who will do everything to elevate you to your best. Why waist precious time surrounding yourself with people who do not mean you any good?

Therefore, my suggestion is when you find parasites in your world even through say in laws or as some say "haters" eliminate the threat and surround yourself with people who desire to bring out the best in you. For ultimately that is what friends are for.....My ultimate goal is to bring out the best in those around me because I absolutely know it starts at home. I truly believe in Karma...or as Mom always said "Do good and you do it to yourself."

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