Monday, July 8, 2013

Prenuptial Agreements are not a concern for the Woman of God

There has been a lot of question around "would you be willing to sign a prenuptial." I say absolutely, if you are marrying for love and you indeed know your source which is God..... not your man..... you will have no problem with it. Knowing what I know today, I would not marry someone If I did not trust in them. If I marry someone, I know that he must have my best interest at heart. If he has your best interest at heart, he is going to see to it that he will make all moves to see to it that your dreams are a reality. As a man of God he is a provider and you will be taken care of, just as you would see to it that he is taken care of as a woman of God. Therefore, if he is in a position of power and a true man of God it is inevitable that he will see to it that you are successful too.

You are not going into the marriage to take what he has already gained, you are going into the relationship as a team and whatever you build moving forward will belong to both of you. I just don't believe that a prenuptial is a big deal. A good example of a modern day man of God is Vincent and Tamar. Vincent is doing what he does best behind the scenes and allowing his wife to shine. I think they have the perfect example of true love, manifesting with the mind of Christ. If you marry the right man of God a prenuptial should not be a concern.

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